Chicken roasted with garlic (Living & Eating, see Books)


When creating recipes I am constantly working towards paring both the number of ingredients and the steps involved down to the barest minimum. My maxim is, if it isn't necessary don't do it. This isn't out of laziness, it makes for food that is more alluring. It is also in the hope that I can win you on board.

A solutionWith two children, a career and no nanny, the average day regularly feels like a tailspin. So all the recipes have been put through their paces at a personal level. There is no 'Team Annie', I get great pleasure out of doing all the testing myself, and as such am a small artisanal concern.

French puff pastry apple tart (Living and Eating, see Books)

So my aim is to produce recipes that are eminently do-able and that will enhance rather than cramp your day. Cooking should be a solution rather than a problem to be tackled. Something to enjoy, a welcome break from your daily routine.

You may find a sense of 'retro' or déjà vu about the recipes, as I am hooked on classics. I would much rather build on tradition than reinvent the world as we know it. There is great comfort to be had in continuity, and most of us are naturally drawn to the food we have grown up with. Good food to me, is about taking something simple and doing it well.

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